Turn-Key Application and Database Development

SMEXEC - Software Interfacing Real-Time Simulators with Plant Monitoring Computers: SMEXEC is the executive that provides real time stimulation of plant monitoring systems in a simulated environment. SMEXEC includes the interfacing software that stimulates the plant monitoring system as well as the executive that allows the plant monitoring system history to respond to simulation states such as Freeze, IC Recall, Backtrack and Slow time.

SMEXEC has been installed successfully at the following 3 sites: Installation Platforms:

Environmental Database for the State of New Hampshire

This Visual FoxPro 5.0 database is currently under development by EMANON. The project is intended to upgrade the two existing databases used by the New Hampshire Wetlands and Subsurface/Subdivision Bureaus.

Key Development Objectives:

Process Computer Display Station

This client/server solution replaces the outdated New York Power's IP3 plant computer display stations. An Alpha Workstation server running ABB's Procontrol software is used for data acquisition from the existing plant computers and display to operator X-terminals.

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