Process Modeler (PROMO) Design Tool for Real-Time Simulation

This Windows 95/NT based design tool provides an intelligent GUI for simulator engineers to develop plant system model piping layouts, define admittances and connectivity, and produce source code for the model to run on a user-specified real-time simulation system.

PROMO provides an intuitive graphical user interface that allows users to quickly build, define and change model parameters and layouts. The model builder is equipped with utilities to validate models and generate FORTRAN code specific to the user created model. The validation utilities can pinpoint any problems in validating a model, and can graphically step the user through problems in a modeled process. The simulation code automatically generated by PROMO is based on the standard methodology developed for the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI).

PROMO contains tools for importing models from certain existing EPRI-derived model builders. This allows users to preserve existing work and also bring existing text-based models into a flexible graphical design tool with point-and-click graphical editing. PROMO users are able to quickly access model information and make changes or enhancements to models and export model data, revalidate the model and generate code for simulation. PROMO has been used to convert and update a number of simulator models in a currently operating nuclear power plant simulator. At this installation, PROMO's simulation code runs under READS™, a UNIX-based real-time simulation platform. EMANON Consultants is currently working to enhance PROMO with its own real-time simulation module to allow users to quickly fine tune their model and test changes during the editing process.

Key Features:

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