Thermo for Windows

Two of the our more popular products are Thermo for Windows and Thermo for Excel. These products are used to automatically calculate the standard equations engineers use to determine properties of steam and other gases. The water and steam calculations provide exact values from ASME formulations. Try our free demo and see the accuracy of our functions for yourself by going to our Demo section.

The following routine calls are directly based on ASME formulations and provide exact conformance with ASME published data:

All other thermodynamic data is retrieved in our routines using convergence formulations with the above listed routines. Values retrieved provide higher precision than available in ASME publications. If you wish to get detailed information about property calls and ranges, look at the User's Guide Worksheet on our Excel demo, or request a fax of these details Order Info.

Thermo for Windows currently runs on Windows 3.x, Windows 95 and Windows NT. In general this product provides the following:

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Thermodynamic Link Libraries (DLL) and UNIX Libraries

The underlying routines supporting the Thermo products are available as DLL's and UNIX libraries. In addition to steam functions, Ammonia and Sulfur Dioxide gas functions are available. Additional gas functions can be added to this library on a time and materials basis. Your company would have to specify the accuracy required, the range of interest and the reference material to develop the functions. Typically it will take under 40 hours for EMANON to develop a set of functions for a new gas and integrate them with the DLL Library. The add-in to Thermo for Excel and Windows (if desired) will then be added free of charge.


Thermo for Windows Versions

Thermo Windows/UNIX DLLs

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